New possibilities for Norrbotten with KIBI Media

When Norrbotten County Council (NLL) in Sweden decided to invest in a new solution for medical imaging linked to patients’ medical records, NLL didn’t have far to look. With KIBI’s scanning function already implemented within the operation, NLL was quick to investigate whether KIBI could also deliver a solution for capture, diagnostic image display, video capture and medical documentation. The solution was KIBI Media.

Torbjörn Wikström has been an operational developer at Norrbotten County Council since 2011. His role involves developing the management of IT systems, including NLL’s internal/external websites and its Media Archive.

“NLL began looking at a media solution back in 2009, and when I joined they had already chosen KIBI Media. The requirement specification was clear. We needed a modern, secure solution for medical imaging that could meet the entire operation’s needs at the hospitals in Gällivare, Kalix, Kiruna, Piteå and Sunderbyn, as well as at the health centres in NLL’s catchment area,” says Wikström.

The requirements were comprehensive. Millions of existing images, videos and documents would now be managed by KIBI Media and also meet the needs and requirements typical of a modern healthcare operation.

KIBI Media was rolled out gradually and a test run was carried out within dermatology and the ENT clinic in Sunderbyn.

“This is when everything is decided, when the healthcare staff test new equipment, systems or tools for real,” explains Wikström. “This is when we get the real answers.”

One important part in the decision to introduce KIBI Media was the web-based solution and the possibility for integration with NLL:s existing medical records system.

“We use VAS and we haven’t come across any major challenges in integrating it with KIBI Media.”

Wikström sees several benefits in using KIBI Media.

“We are already seeing that the operation here wants to be able to use KIBI Media for educational purposes. Many of the hospital departments have also shown a lot of interest in the ability to measure and compare images/videos. KIBI Media offers functions that enable users to annotation and measurements on images and videos. Being able to measure image objects and compare historical image material, and to store, edit and, of course, play back video films is a major benefit. What we like about KIBI Media is that the services not only offer new opportunities, but KIBI Media can also be adapted to new operational requirements. For example, if used correctly, the Media Archive can reduce the number of journeys patients make to hospitals and clinics, which benefits patients and the healthcare operation alike. Norrbotten is a large county with large distances.”

 So what has the collaboration with KIBI been like?
“On the whole, I have to say it has been excellent. Complex projects spanning several years always go in waves, and it’s important to be clear and pragmatic, and to show consistency as an ordering client. In my experience KIBI has been receptive throughout and quickly drawn up suggestions for improvement based on our requirements. We also appreciate the way KIBI has an uncompromising attitude to patient safety and is completely familiar with Sweden’s Patient Data Act, for example.”

“KIBI Media is currently used as a general media solution in NLL, and healthcare staff can store images/videos and reports. The project is expected to be complete in March 2016, after the pilot project with directly connected endoscopes, and there are already plans for the broad introduction of directly connected endoscopes, streak cameras and operating microscopes, for example.”

“It feels good, we’re going from strength to strength and the fact we’re helping to improve healthcare is of course very pleasing indeed,” Wikström concludes.


Published: 2016-02-05
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