Mission: Upgrade

Twenty seconds to download a picture. Far too long, thought Matias in Östersund and set about upgrading the image viewing tool. The result? Faster than you can read this.

At Region Jämtland Härjedalen, healthcare services are run with the ambition of offering the very best care. Among the methods employed to achieve this is the utilisation of all that modern technology and digitalisation has to offer. In most areas, this high level of ambition was being met. But not everywhere.

Old Java technology
Matias Wurschmidt-Wang is a systems architect at Region Jämtland Härjedalen’s e-health unit. He is responsible for the media archive which handles, scans and stores images and documents on behalf of the county’s 30-plus health districts. Matias moved from Stockholm to Östersund only a year ago but has an extensive background in healthcare IT systems, having spent 15 years working for Cambio Healthcare Systems in Stockholm developing healthcare information systems.

“When I arrived here, it was in many ways to a well-developed IT environment; there were however, a number of challenges. We used KIBI’s image viewing tool which, unfortunately, had not been upgraded for many years. There were rumblings of discontent throughout the organisation and a general feeling of frustration that the Java-based tool was failing to meet requirements. Among other issues, it could take up to 20 seconds to download an image or document,” explains Matias. “We contacted KIBI, who proposed an upgrade to their document viewer and as a result a project was initiated at the beginning of 2016.”

Slow out of the blocks
The initial phase of the project was however somewhat slow to get started. There was a difference of opinion about what needed to be done and Matias requested a more concrete strategy and timetable from KIBI’s side. After a couple of months, agreement was reached to replace the document viewer with the latest version of KIBI Media, with implementation to take place during summer 2016. This despite the general policy of avoiding major technical implementations and upgrades during the summer months.

“We were conscious of beginning the upgrade at the earliest opportunity so that the organisation could take advantage of the shorter response time as soon as possible.”

A sprint for the line and the smell of victory
When agreement was reached over which measures were to be taken and a detailed plan was in place, Matias was pleasantly surprised by the turn of events.

“From a sluggish start, our collaboration with KIBI turned into an exercise in efficiency. I experienced a whole new side of KIBI, with quick and frequent communication and a dedicated team on hand to solve a number of serious challenges that arose along the way.”

The upgrade began on 9 June and was finished on 27 June 2016, with both Matias and KIBI’s project manager delaying their summer holiday to see the project through to completion.

“I really appreciate KIBI’s decisiveness and one-hundred percent commitment to the project,” comments Matias.

How does the new version of the document viewer work?

“We are receiving positive signals from doctors, nurses and other healthcare personnel. With the new viewer, it is possible to download images and documents in 6-7 seconds; a considerable improvement.”

In addition, the new interface is more user-friendly. Region Jämtland Härjedalen now have a modern document viewer and the collaboration with KIBI is set to continue.

“We are now in the process of implementing KIBI’s Rialto technical platform in order to further improve our system. It’s very pleasing,” concludes Matias.

Published: 2016-10-18
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