Meet KIBI’s New Head of Development!

Jürgen Kerstna is the new head of development at KIBI. Although Jürgen joined KIBI as recently as September 2017, the healthcare sector is hardly new to him. With a background as an engineer and system architect at, among others, St. Jude Medical and as a data integration consultant to Karolinska Institutet, Jurgen has extensive experience of healthcare IT systems. Despite finding the role of system architect both rewarding and developmental, Jürgen was looking for a fresh challenge.

“I wanted to work in software development, an exciting field and a contributory factor behind my move to KIBI.”

As head of development, Jürgen is responsible for the ongoing development of all of the services that constitute KIBI Clinical Suite. Naturally, he will participate in setting the course for KIBI’s roadmap going forward.

“Technology now provides entirely new solutions that were impossible to even contemplate only a couple of years ago,” says Jürgen.

By way of example, Jürgen mentions image management systems.

“In principle, healthcare professionals today use mobile phones for advanced image documentation. Medical examinations are already taking place in real time with healthcare provider and patient hundreds of miles apart. Continued innovation in the healthcare sector requires secure, transparent and reliable systems for documentation management. Here at KIBI, it behoves us to continually embrace the new possibilities that technology offers us, in order to provide solutions that make the day-to-day lives of healthcare staff and patients easier,” explains Jürgen

Jürgen’s team is busy working on the further development of KIBI Clinical Suite, based on the needs of customers and their many updating projects. To secure the next phase of KIBI Clinical Suite, changes will be required to the platform itself.

“We are improving ur current web platform, a massive undertaking that we expect to complete during 2019. Our customers will be provided with new functions that meet their needs.”

Despite the enormous variation in customer requirements, Jürgen sees one common thread.

“We see a large demand for solutions that can integrate with all available systems. The same applies to standardisation. Healthcare providers have neither the time nor resources to waste on short-term specialised solutions.”

So, where does Jürgen see KIBI in five years?

“We will definitely have a broader product portfolio. KIBI is established as a major medtech company with extensive operations in the Nordics. Actually, my hope is that in five years we will have the same foundation as we do today; a fantastic group who are passionate about improving healthcare by offering more precise measurement methods, sharper images and smoother integration,” concludes Jürgen Kerstna.

Published: 2018-01-29
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