In the field of cardiology, KIBI provides services for managing ECG data; with the highest possible levels of quality and instantaneous access to diagnostic information – when and where you need it.

KIBI Cardio

Tomorrow’s integrated ECG solution.

KIBI Cardio – all of your ECG data gathered in one place for all systems

Our KIBI Cardio solution covers all of your basic needs for ECG-related data management and is completely independent of hardware manufacturer and file format.

With KIBI Cardio, you can archive, manage and deliver ECG data from PDFs, XMLs and scanned hardcopy printouts.

You can upload data from a range of medtech devices simultaneously. This solution is designed to allow several authorised personnel to work on the same document simultaneously from different locations. It also allows every hospital and local health centre within a regional health authority with journal authorisation to link directly to KIBI Cardio.

Because the solution is based on KIBI’s VNA, which offers a complete platform for storing and sharing clinical information in healthcare, you can also extend the use of KIBI Cardio into other areas.

KIBI Cardio-archive XML-standards from the following suppliers:

  • Ishne
  • AMP Binary (.amps)
  • Mortara Escribe XML
  • Mortara HScribe XML
  • Mortara Xscribe
  • GE Muse XML

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This is KIBI Cardio

ECG Diagnostics Tool

Get ready for a fast and powerful multi-format ECG viewer for all purposes.

Get ready for a fast and powerful multi-format ECG viewer for all purposes
We proudly introduce KIBI’s ECG Diagnostic Tool, a modern, general-purpose ECG diagnostic tool for clinicians, cardiologist and researchers in the clinical and hospital environment.
The user-friendly interface gives you different graphical options of the visualized ECG. You can see all the patient Data, ECG Information and remarks quickly from one view. Furthermore, KIBI’s ECG Diagnostic Tool has on-screen measurement tools, allowing you to manually measure time and amplitude from the recording.

These are all the new features in KIBI´s ECG Diagnostic Tool
• An advanced Viewer to display, review and validate resting ECG files.
• You can easily set-up the time and amplitude scaling and choose how the ECG format will be presented on the screen (f.i. 12×1, 6×2, 3×4…).
• Open one or multiple ECG recordings in one view or alternatively in separate windows.
• Recordings can be compared on top of each other (up to 15 leads) or in a superimposition view in one window.
• View ECG recordings generated with machines from different manufacturers or FDA HL7 XML files.

ECG Diagnostics Tool in brief:

  • See all the patient Data, ECG Information and remarks quickly from one view
  • An advanced Viewer to display, review and validate resting ECG files

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Simple storage of multi-media files and documents.

Storage solution from KIBI
All clinical information in one scalable storage solution. Store, publish and share DICOM and non-DICOM images.

KIBI’s storage solution is an entirely provider-independent service, meaning that you can integrate KIBI’s various clinical modules with all of your medical equipment. The solution is an enterprise storage solution and functions just as effectively for small clinics or large hospital regions.

The advantages include simplified management, operation, maintenance and administration. Our storage solution provides you with a complete, scalable service for image handling that also reduces your costs and data storage requirements. Above all, you work with a highly efficient service that improves patient safety as your healthcare information becomes clearer to interpret, manage and share. The solution can be integrated with preinstalled PACS and HLA7-compatible systems.

Get started straight away
The solution includes Plug and Play technology, meaning that you can install the system and immediately begin to manage X-rays, medical images and other healthcare documentation – whether you wish to store, share or publish. The storage solution is optimised for compatibility and designed to handle images and make them available across all systems. You get a level of scalability unsurpassed in the healthcare sector.

Archiving solution from KIBI:

  • Supports XDS, HL7 and IHE profiles
  • Supports DICOM and non-DICOM
  • Integrable and flexible

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KIBI’s medical documentation and diagnostic solutions are currently in use by over 100 Nordic hospitals and healthcare centres of all sizes within primary, outpatient and inpatient care.


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