KIBI Media gives you a fast, clear and secure overview of images and videos – all in one place. KIBI’s DICOM solution provides quick and easy access to information from a range of professions, such as radiologists, etc. All storage is managed in KIBI’s archiving solution which supports integration with modern hospital systems. This is a safe, patient-centred platform based entirely on open standards that allows storage and sharing of images and medical information between clinics, hospitals, county councils and regions.

KIBI Media

KIBI Media provides you with a clear overview of images, videos and healthcare documentation. KIBI Media is compatible with all healthcare systems and medical equipment in use in outpatient, inpatient and primary healthcare.

Together with hospital and health centre staff across the Nordics, we have identified and analysed existing needs and the demands made on a modern multi-media system. The result is KIBI Media – a solution built on control, precision and flexibility.

KIBI Media is a CE labelled, web-based software solution for diagnostics, image management, editing and frame capture from a variety of sources (cameras, video signals and mobile devices). Because KIBI Media is entirely web-based, you can rest assured that you will receive all of the latest updates and avoid tedious, repetitive and costly installations.

KIBI Media offers unique functionality that allows you to edit and comment on images and videos. Using the text tool, you can write comments directly onto images while the freehand tool makes it possible to measure graphic objects. You can also compare historic material with new images and videos.

You decide what you want to do, based on your own healthcare role. With KIBI Media you can edit and process photographic material and play and record videos quickly and simply. It is equally easy to disseminate material to colleagues on your own or other wards or in other hospitals. KIBI Media can be integrated with all relevant medical equipment and electronic health record systems (EHR).

KIBI Media in brief:

  • Web-based solution
  • Full integrability with all relevant existing EHR systems and medical equipment
  • User-friendly functionality with fewer clicks
  • Effective frame capture
  • Supports full HD recording
  • H264 video compression
  • Improved confidentiality and integrity protection
  • CE labelled

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This is KIBI Media

DICOM Diagnostics Tool

Gives you access to image viewing of the highest possible quality and instant access to diagnostic information precisely when you need it.

KIBI’s DICOM tool – A fast, multifaceted solution
KIBI’s solution for DICOM material provides you with access to image viewing of the highest possible quality and instant access to diagnostic information precisely when you need it.

As a radiologist, cardiologist or anyone with an information-intensive healthcare role – KIBI’s DICOM Diagnostics Tool allows you to work more efficiently, safely and smoothly. The solution supports DICOM and non-DICOM image handling and other relevant clinical documentation. The tool gives you access to patient data from every hospital within a healthcare region or country, from any modality, within seconds.

The service has an intuitive user interface and you can adjust the settings to suit your own preferences.

The solution includes advanced functionality such as drag and drop, links to medical studies, advanced spinal labelling, easy collaboration sessions, multiple screens and much more.

KIBI DICOM in brief:

  • Supports 2D, 3D and sub-speciality tools for mammography, Fusion, etc.
  • Supports a comprehensive array of healthcare standards (DICOM and IHE)
  • Optimised for real-time collaboration

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Simple storage of multi-media files and documents.

Storage solution from KIBI
All clinical information in one scalable storage solution. Store, publish and share DICOM and non-DICOM images.

KIBI’s storage solution is an entirely provider-independent service, meaning that you can integrate KIBI’s various clinical modules with all of your medical equipment. The solution is an enterprise storage solution and functions just as effectively for small clinics or large hospital regions.

The advantages include simplified management, operation, maintenance and administration. Our storage solution provides you with a complete, scalable service for image handling that also reduces your costs and data storage requirements. Above all, you work with a highly efficient service that improves patient safety as your healthcare information becomes clearer to interpret, manage and share. The solution can be integrated with preinstalled PACS and HLA7-compatible systems.

Get started straight away
The solution includes Plug and Play technology, meaning that you can install the system and immediately begin to manage X-rays, medical images and other healthcare documentation – whether you wish to store, share or publish. The storage solution is optimised for compatibility and designed to handle images and make them available across all systems. You get a level of scalability unsurpassed in the healthcare sector.

Archiving solution from KIBI:

  • Supports XDS, HL7 and IHE profiles
  • Supports DICOM and non-DICOM
  • Integrable and flexible

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KIBI’s medical documentation and diagnostic solutions are currently in use by over 100 Nordic hospitals and healthcare centres of all sizes within primary, outpatient and inpatient care.


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